Friday, November 18, 2016

Technology Creating Deeper Thinkers

An important question that has been popping up a lot lately due to the evolvement in modern technology is, does digital learning promote deeper thinking? My answer to this is yes. I believe that schools who have rich technology-based learning environments are allowing for the two of the most key learning credentials, access and understanding. Technology is giving teachers and students the access they need, as I like to say, “We have the world at our fingertips.” With this access comes a better understanding and a shift in learning for the students and their teacher. What has come to be known is with the combinations of these two elements is that it creates a very powerful learning environment. The learning process in its simplest form involves three stages: content, learning, and feedback. Technology allows us to question how we teach and learn. Teacher can alter and visualize students learning which creates for deeper thought process in the classroom. Overall, I think that technology allows students greater learning opportunities.

Here is a article done the University of Texas in Austin on how technology assists and helps students stimulate greater learning skills. The article is called: Technology-Enhanced Learning.

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