Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Teachers: The Experts

Do teachers have to be experts in technology? This is a very interesting question. In my opinion, teachers should be mostly proficient with technology. After all, future teachers will be teaching generation Z who grew up in a completely technology-run world. I think it is key for teachers to be able to relate to their students and provide the best type of learning for their students. And right now in the 21st century, problem and technology-based learning is the best way to do that. Times are changing and so it is a teacher's responsibility to provide the best possible learning methods for their classroom. That it why I think it is crucial for new and old teachers to try and keep up with the latest technology because we know the students will. This is a website that talks about some of the latest technological trends that are happening in the classrooms and the articles is called Technology In the Classroom: Keeping Up with the Latest Trends.

Below I also attached a video of some of the new up and coming technologies that will soon be taking over the schools across the world:

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