Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gamers or Learners

There are multiple reasons why video games are good for learning. First things first, video games can teach new skills. For example they can become more familiar with computers and how they work. It can also get them interested in furthering their technical skills. You can even use video games to teach subjects that may seem boring to certain people. What I mean by that is there are games that have education in mind but also keep the fun of playing video games.  Video games are also a great way for students to expand their problem solving skills. There are many video game story modes that really get the gamer involved and test their critical thinking. Video games are also a great stress reliever, which many students need after a long day at school and after completing their homework.  These are just some of the many reasons why video games can help with education.

Here is a link to an article that further explains how beneficial video games can be in the education field called Gamifying Student Engagement.

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